wanted to be at forefront..

by Saurabh Gupta

however, it turns out I am running four years behind latest in software industry. I usually use the expression ‘your job kills you’ and it isn’t less apt in my case. Multiple years of untangling/refactoring/reusing the spaghetti lines of codes has left deep valley of unknowns in me .. but I am getting back and I am already on my way. This blog is small personal bookmark on things to refurbish, stuff to relearn, tech to learn anew and innovate to please..

Things I have planned to put up in here –

  1. My academic projects and write ups- probably all of them or at least all which had me sweating
    1. Database normalization project for a concept case in an FMCG industry – team assignment
    2. UML, BPMN and Use case for a concept case in a third partly logistics  – team assignment
    3. Simulation of daily tasks with front desk members using Arena modelling software
    4. Current perspective on IT – “Does IT Matter?”
  2. What else matters?
    1. Patterns and philosophy – my thoughts
    2. Cloud or ownership – future issues

.. on my way ..