Matters or not..

by Saurabh Gupta

The questions posted by Nicholas Carr left us, graduate students starting our Masters in information technology, baffled at first. We were clueless a little. Instant reaction – is he a fool? doesn’t information technology only means value for money?

However, questions put by him were simple. I write them down as how I understood and what I felt he is talking about here (Article – IT DOESN’T MATTER).  Does IT budget overruns are more than expected? Are we reinventing the wheel every time with billions and billions lines of code? Does IT drive the strategy or a strategy drives your IT? Have we burnt out all the oil? Is it just a data processing tool or even worse a type writer?

My article below focuses on all these questions. I couldn’t really critique Mr. Carr. However, I picked up my final paragraph to critique the mindless ideas people have about IT and its talismanic money making powers… no IT is not the strategy .. it is enabler.. but an excellent one at that…