Leonard Kleinrock – continued

by Saurabh Gupta

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twt prt#7 Brief history of ProtocolsNCP, TCP, TCP/IP
Network Communication Protocol(NCP) was deployed on December of 1970. Some 15 institutes in United States of America (including NASA, Stanford Research Institute, Harvard, UCLA etc) brought themselves together. NCP was the connection-oriented big brother of our generation’s Transmission Control Protocol(TCP). TCP does maintain connection context but lets Internet Protocol (IP), a connection-less protocol, to work on sending the message across. TCP was the refined protocol to ensure that data delivery is guaranteed – reliability, acceptable transmission octets size between sender and receiver – flow control, connection sharing across multiple processes by using ports – multiplexing, date delivery precedence and security.

There are bunch of RFCs explaining what I shouldn’t rehash –

Multiple companies have their implementation of TCP from Apple to HP to IBM. However it all started with guys at BBN.

The next big touted step for IPv4 ,which has current addressing scheme of type say, is to scale for more number of clients in future. This is where http://www.worldipv6day.org/ is making tweets #IPv6 and buzz – day is June 8th, 2011.

There’s an alternative thought to bring about change in Internet which really helps put perspective on current set of standards. More about it here and challenges it wishes to address.

twt prt#8 Al Gore
This is about him before being a climate activist and before losing out to George W Bush Jr. He as a senator worked hard and is rightfully acknowledged by many early pioneers of internet, including Mr. Leonard himself, for a bill called “High performance computing and communication act”. He put forth a vision of creation of information superhighway well around 1990. He envisioned an Internet against the threat it is under today –

“I want to keep the Internet a duty-free global free-trading zone.”

twt prt#9 the nomads of the future
This is where Mr. Leonard Kleinrock envisioned the future of technology. The future which might lie in ubiquitousness of computing power. The future where embedded sensors will garner environment and user data. The future of content generation which according to him will be intermediated by by smart applications. He called them software agents. These will be programs which will be smart enough to understand their environment, mine the historical data and actively carry out tasks desired. These agents will resolve issues and constantly improve the Internet. As a side note – I couldn’t help not think about agent Smith in the movie Matrix