Following up .. touch devices are they touch really?

by Saurabh Gupta

following up to the idea after posting this few months back. Here’s a concept. In the recent CEATEC event Kyocera demonstrated a touch with tactile feedback. Then in another news story from way back in May 2010 – we have Toshiba taking up Senseg’s haptic feedback touch-screen technology into their own devices – link . The concept of creating sensations using vibrations is similar to this demonstrated by OnlyGizmos. They all respond to finger touch by giving back electric vibrations of varying wave-length.   Find the videos at the end of post.

Exciting is direction, however we still lack what a true haptic feedback touch devices should offer. May be metamorphosis nature of touch screens. Thus giving tactile feedback in its physical sense. I am sure those are coming too …

Finger mounted tactile feedback device


Toshiba’s technology might actually be available in a year or so..