Throw in some torch light on your laptop screen!

by Saurabh Gupta

My parents have this old laptop. It recently lost its back-light illumination. The screen was lit up enough to know the laptop’s running all fine. However, it was too dark to perform any task on it. I thought of simple idea – why not throw some torch-light on it. And immediately I knew – damn stupid I am. This made me think – why not? Is our technology there to dynamically manipulate display screens such a way that the objects in it are real enough to reflect colors of the natural room light? Exploring wasn’t difficult – and I landed up on what we call Kindle!

Electro-phoretic Displays or Electronic Paper Display call them whatever. They are revolutionary plastic paper with small miniature globes packed in. They contain even smaller black and white ink pigments. These pigments need one time electric discharge making them settle either on front or back of the display. This is how kindle runs for 2 to 3 weeks non-stop. The idea is unique and technology enabling it is amazing.

So is this enough? Apart from video streaming and high quality animation, this technology will should serve our next generation of electronic magazines, document writers, discussion boards, writing tablets, mobile phones, wrist watches, metro signs (current listing)

This however, is just another step towards realizing a semi-transformation ability of small molecular objects on our digital screens.  The behavior wise these objects will have to demonstrate following –

  1. Electro phoresis (ability to disperse molecular color pigments on electric discharge)
  2. Natural color – the pigments made of natural inks

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