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Designing a Model in Arena® Simulation Software

As part of Simulation Modeling course work for Masters of Science (IT) from Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati under Prof. David Kelton


The model was desired to simulate multiple tasks taken up by front desk representatives in a regular patient-care clinic. The person at front desk greets the patients and answers phone calls. Also, performs some scheduled tasks, over the course of the week, like bill preparation, credentialing, Laundry etc. The design goal of the project was to build a model which is able to handle scheduled tasks for the day and also incoming random patient walk-ins and phone calls. Also, one of the other secondary goals were to allow for model to adjust itself to new tasks or resources. All this required applying concepts of programming in a different paradigm.

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Leonard Kleinrock – 112 Lindner

Lecturer – Leonard Kleinrock
Venue – 112 Lindner / College of Business, University of Cincinnati

I, in my own excursion, had been catching upon Threat to Internet, Tim Berners Lee’s first WWW, Ted Nelson’s idea of this. I had this lecture as upcoming since last year spring. I liked it all coming together yesterday (05/05/2011). The community of people who were bent to foster a new language through a new medium. The were bent to bend the world.

So what did Leonard Kleinrock talk about? I tweeted

Leonard klienrock. Nikola tesla. Idea since?ARPA1958.1969.Queuing.NCP.BBN.EMAIL.hawai.robert gore.grokster.future.nomadic.embeddedtech.ubiquitouscomp.softagents.

so that I can come back to it later ..

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the gurus of web ..

I have been almost unaware of group of individuals who had been running this entire show from the corner of the world independent of each other… Ted Nelson , Leonard Kleinrock, Tim Berners Lee and their colleagues … one had proposed hyperlinked document system, one’s work lead to first internet and then another revolutionized an idea (the hypertext) and the infrastructure (The Internet) in a form of a language called HTML .. roughly in a same order ..

The person Ted Nelson put up an idea of hypermedia. He explained. The words aren’t just composite characters. Every single word is composition of context, ideas and actions. All this information should be easily accessible right on that word. This is what Ted Nelson introduced in his paper – “Computers, Creativity, and the Nature of the Written Word”.

The person Mr. Kleinrock established and ushered an idea into an eco-system we call Internet today. He along with his colleagues established first link between UCLA and SRI on 29th Oct 1969. The first ever characters sent over a system, which would eventually grow up to Internet, was “LO”. Read full story here. Also, I will follow up with details on lecture I attended from Leonard Kleinrock.

The person Tim made WWW to say alright lets sit down and understand how are we talking to each other. Are we making sense? Are we losing what others are trying to convey? Are we handling this interconnected flow of information as yet another file and folders in a dormant closet? His first browser was WorldWideWeb. It was a browser cum editor. His intention was to enable more active participation of individuals on internet but in a single world wide language called HTML.

There is definitely more to come on this space.. I am excited to learn more about them and our internet.

Matters or not..

The questions posted by Nicholas Carr left us, graduate students starting our Masters in information technology, baffled at first. We were clueless a little. Instant reaction – is he a fool? doesn’t information technology only means value for money?

However, questions put by him were simple. I write them down as how I understood and what I felt he is talking about here (Article – IT DOESN’T MATTER).  Does IT budget overruns are more than expected? Are we reinventing the wheel every time with billions and billions lines of code? Does IT drive the strategy or a strategy drives your IT? Have we burnt out all the oil? Is it just a data processing tool or even worse a type writer?

My article below focuses on all these questions. I couldn’t really critique Mr. Carr. However, I picked up my final paragraph to critique the mindless ideas people have about IT and its talismanic money making powers… no IT is not the strategy .. it is enabler.. but an excellent one at that…

trillions in GDP ..

14.119 trillions US dollars is how much Americans earned or spent in 2010.
34.050 trillion Yuan is how much Chinese earned or spent in 2010.

And so for Japanese it is 4.74 trillion Yen(100), Indians it is 59.520 trillion Rupees, Brazilians it is 3.143 trillion Reals, Australians it is 1.255 trillion Australian dollars, Germans it is 2.397 trillion Euros, English it 1.392 trillion Pounds..

Of course, if factor in US dollar.. the only trillionaire  remains is US and that too at such a scale that next closest country is at $4.984 trillions and that is China.

These numbers triggered a thought in me, are these really correct? Are they independent of international currency trade and current market forces?

So I googled, and it’s no great discovery to find out a term called PPP..

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