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Toothpaste Company – ER Modeling

As part of project for course in Advanced Database Modeling in Masters in Science (IT) from Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati under Prof. Umanath


Course required us to develop an industry driven case on database modeling. The idea was to design and implement business model of any fictitious organization. The project offered first-hand experience developing concepts like ER modeling, physical database design, representation of business using conceptual model etc.


We developed a fictitious story. The story involved gathering requirements and then developing a database model for a FMCG company (fast moving consumer goods). In a gist, the company planned to integrate its sales, marketing, research and manufacturing departments under one single system. Building a single database was one of the challenges towards this goal.

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use Apache to redirect requests to Visual studio development server port

I do not really know anything about setting up Apache and nor is this step to greater achievement of any sorts. I had a small issue. Make my XCODE iPhone project communicate with web-service hosted on my windows XP laptop. This is just a student laptop and never needed to install a full blown IIS 5. Mostly, for my development work my visual studio development server was enough.

Now, how do I get my visual studio development server to accept external requests? I needed this only for testing tonight. I googled and of course there is no direct way of doing it. You need a hosting server to start with. If I had IIS 5, I could use an application called “Trace Utility” for Microsoft Soap Toolkit version 3 to redirect requests for your visual studio development server port. Here’s Jim Wilson showing it, how? or if it is for windows 7 machine- here’s him showing it again, how?

But I needed this to work without IIS, so where do I go next? Apache Server 2.2

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wanted to be at forefront..

however, it turns out I am running four years behind latest in software industry. I usually use the expression ‘your job kills you’ and it isn’t less apt in my case. Multiple years of untangling/refactoring/reusing the spaghetti lines of codes has left deep valley of unknowns in me .. but I am getting back and I am already on my way. This blog is small personal bookmark on things to refurbish, stuff to relearn, tech to learn anew and innovate to please..

Things I have planned to put up in here –

  1. My academic projects and write ups- probably all of them or at least all which had me sweating
    1. Database normalization project for a concept case in an FMCG industry – team assignment
    2. UML, BPMN and Use case for a concept case in a third partly logistics  – team assignment
    3. Simulation of daily tasks with front desk members using Arena modelling software
    4. Current perspective on IT – “Does IT Matter?”
  2. What else matters?
    1. Patterns and philosophy – my thoughts
    2. Cloud or ownership – future issues

.. on my way ..

Let me speak – a personal initiative on blogging

I have been blogging for quite some time but didn’t have any intention of opening up to this, professionally. However, I have few posts from my previous blogs which I think fit here –

What these web-logs lack is the professional insights I could have given, for my learnings in business school. However, they do showcase my personal intent and opinions. You are invited to go directly to this blog @

1. Google Picasa’s New face recognition feature – My blabbering when I found a unique feature in Picasa Web from google. They out of no where recognized few human faces in my pictures and asked me who they are. I answered few and next thing I know my every friend is tagged automatically in each picture. I thought it was amazing and awesome. It was far far better than manual tagging that Facebook introduced way later

2.  Info-graphic on Democrats vs Republicans – my interest in information graphics was growing and any graphic which challenged regular perception and gave new insights excited me. Here’s one from 2008 elections showing split between republicans and democrats both geographically and demographically.

3. US astronauts casting votes from space shuttle – rights of a person as designated by constitution vs. rights of a person as met by the government is a big problem in my country (i am sure every country has had its share). This particular news emphasizes my conviction for the ever evolving measures by later and it’s biggest enabler the Technology!

4. Aravinda hospitals inspired by McDonalds – It is interesting who can inspire whom. Mc Donalds kindled a concept of franchisee in eye care for him – Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy. He then sets out opening a self-sustaining eye care clinic

5. Knowledge in the wall – It is interesting how technology is being adapted at various levels of society in India. Here’s a project which created a self learning system right there on a wall where they kept an open computer for slum children. Check the post and this website to know how sustaining the initiative was