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REST/Linked Data

It wasn’t hard to think about RESTful concepts when you hear Tim talking about linked data…

and a quick search and bang .. people are already talking about it here and here. The first link is exactly in lines of what I thought – huh isn’t he talking about REST? . Then the second link attempts a nose dive into conceptual paradigm.

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trillions in GDP ..

14.119 trillions US dollars is how much Americans earned or spent in 2010.
34.050 trillion Yuan is how much Chinese earned or spent in 2010.

And so for Japanese it is 4.74 trillion Yen(100), Indians it is 59.520 trillion Rupees, Brazilians it is 3.143 trillion Reals, Australians it is 1.255 trillion Australian dollars, Germans it is 2.397 trillion Euros, English it 1.392 trillion Pounds..

Of course, if factor in US dollar.. the only trillionaire  remains is US and that too at such a scale that next closest country is at $4.984 trillions and that is China.

These numbers triggered a thought in me, are these really correct? Are they independent of international currency trade and current market forces?

So I googled, and it’s no great discovery to find out a term called PPP..

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Market for data

It’s everywhere but it’s spilled. How do you make sense of it? how do you trust it? how do you make use of it? how do you keep getting the latest numbers from same source?

So now we have the agents in internet making the task easier for business, corporates, statisticians, students

Their model revolves around following features and services –

  1. Scan web pages for statistically relevant datasets, tables
  2. aggregate and normalize them to single database
  3. Provide free or premium tools and interfaces to access the data

Hjalmar Gislason of in an interview to semantic-web explains the business model his data market visualizes and how it aspires to stand in market by end of 2011.